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WhoTakesCoin is 100% about blockchain and building a community around this relatively new technology. WhoTakesCoin is about the impact crypto-currency will have in our financial lives as it gathers more acceptance and gains traction in the world. Our goal is to facilitate adoption of blockchain in the marketplace and to create a central hub around businesses and individuals transacting in crypto and sharing information in the transparent world of the blockchain. 

WHO started in the garage of a crypto miner, Joel Phillips, who started mining with Bitcoin in its infancy back in 2010, a year after it first came out and was being mined with CPU's. Created in 2013, WhoTakesCoin sat quietly in the background and still grew organically to 10,000 business listings focused on Bitcoin. Demand showed the need in the market for WhoTakesCoin. Given the move to altcoins and a much wider market than originally anticipated however, a platform focused just on Bitcoin didn't make sense and didn't coincide with Joel's longer-term vision of what crypto and blockchain looked like for business in the future. 

WhoTakesCoin Circa 2017

So what is WhoTakesCoin, a directory of crypto centric businesses?  Most "directory" sites are focused on a single project and are not primarily interested in the community as a whole. That is one aspect where we are different. Another differentiator is that the market still does not seem to understand the concept that businesses are no longer brick and mortar except by necessity. Our platform takes into account that even small businesses are now global in scope and that physical barriers to conducting business, outside of government interventioin, no longer exist. Free market means free market. 

Our entire purpose for existence is to make sure blockchain and crypto are used properly in the marketplace and to help this technology thrive. With years of experience in startups, techs and traditional business, Joel understands what it takes to do more than survive on the bleeding edge of technology. 

First comes the adoption. You can read more about this here. This is the part where blockchain is accepted in the marketplace and the curve transitions to more of a traditional market curve, where things start to get really fast. We aren't there just yet, but we are getting close.

After a remake in 2018, there was a pause in the history of WhoTakesCoin while the decision was being made as to what to do with this monster platform complete with blockchain services, events listing and promotions, a job section, a Partner platform and so much more. It is designed as a true community surrounding everything blockchain and crypto - Everyone, Everywhere Who Takes Coin. 

Joel did not want to take this project on if he wasn't going to devote everything he had to its success. In late 2019, the green light was given to put together an outline of what our shiny new platform would look like. We are a lean project, which means that we may be a little rough around the edges while we start, but we are more about the value we offer to the community than anything else. 

2020 is our relaunch year and we are really excited to see what this coming year has in store as we bring services online. Our #1 priority is you. That is why we exist and we are all about the feedback, so if you have an idea, if you would like to see something else, if you like something or don't like something, if you want to join us or even if you just want to say "Hi", let us know. You can reach us here.


To see the evolution of Currency 3.0 by making it as easy as possible to accept or spend any form of crypto-currency as payment, apply the blockchain as unique store of data and to make the transactional blockchain process as seamless as possible for business and consumer alike.


Our platform whotakescoin (https://whotakescoin.com/) will provide crypto based directory services, bringing businesses and consumers together in the crypto marketplace. Through collective experience, innovation and sheer will we will start removing barriers to adoption and entry by creating connections to real marketplaces and services, both physical and online.


We at whotakescoin understand that currency has very little value if there is no market in which to participate and transact – people need to be able to easily find merchants who accept digital currency as payment for goods and services. Making this easy will always be a primary focus. Market domination begins with connecting the first two dots and building from there. The whotakescoin platform begins life as the premier blockchain directory providing the best experience available and by bring the crypto world to the consumer front door.

Our ambition however, is much more than being the premier digital currency directory, We are a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the future of digital currency and are actively promoting acceptance around the globe. Additionally, by being a strong proponent of self-regulation through agency creation and participation, we will make the industry stronger and minimize the need for external oversight. By creating strategic partnerships and plugging them into the power of an active community, we hope to provide a vibrant hub for Crypto. Our areas of focus include; News, Trading, Coin Information, ICO, Analysis, Innovation, Exchanges and critical updates.

The Elevator Pitch

Where do you go if you want:

  • To find any business or service near you who takes coin as payment
  • To find out about Blockchain events around the corner or around the globe  
  • To know where you can spend that altcoin currency you are holding, anywhere
  • To technical or blockchain analysis, advice and guidance
  • The latest news and trading insight in Cryptocurrency markets
  • To advertise your services to a community of millions with millions in digital currency burning a hole in their digital wallet

The answer is simple; you go to https://whotakescoin.com.

Everyone, Everywhere WhoTakesCoin


Would you like to be a part of our exciting growth? Drop us a line and let us know your talents and how you would like to be involved.

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