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First, please read the donate section as it pertains to Authors. Even if you skip this part, it is really important that you take a look at our Author payment system below. 

As you may have noticed, we have a little bit different model as we get this directory rolling. We depend on our visitors and benefactors and their coin donations for the development and maintenance required to run a site like whotakescoin. This is not a sales pitch. If you like the site, then donate. If you don't, we will survive. WHO is determined to be the best coin directory in the world. Our expertise is listing blockchain and non-blockchain related products, services, events and news relevant to the cryptocurrency world. 

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In the true sense of free market and what crypto is all about, we want to attract the best and brightest. To that end, we created a reward model where you donate to your favorite article or author based on merit alone. If you like a particular author, you can donate a small amount to each one of their articles or to the author themselves. If you don't like them or the way they write, you don't donate. 

This way, they are rewarded for the work they do and they get direct feedback based on your direct action. This is what the digital currency world is supposed to be about. We firmly believe in promoting that model and working on changing the world one coin at a time. 

If you feel we are doing a good job, we appreciate whatever you would like to give. 100% of your donations to the platform will go to development and improving services. If you don't think we are doing a good job, we want to know so please contact us and tell us what we can do better. 

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