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Whether you are an investor purchasing a significant amount of Bitcoin or some other coin, a middle tier investor or you are new to the crypto world and just need simple Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency purchasing facts, we are here to help. In fact, this is a question we get a lot.

While there are lots of exchanges out there where you can buy Bitcoin, they charge fees. Fees are not a bad thing if you are buying a small amount, but they can add up with any type of volume. Also, there are not very many who will exchange crypto coin for plastic and many even have issues with debit cards.

Hi-Cap Investors - No Fee / 250 Bitcoin (BTC) Minimum Purchase

All purchases based on rate at time of payment. 

Minimum purchase of 250 BTC at no fee. Maximum of 5,000 BTC purchase per day per account (without Platinum Agreement - Contact us for more info). 

Escrow available for a 1% fee. 

Middle Tier Pool Purchases available for an admin fee of 3% plus 1% escrow fee. Minimum purchase 25 BTC. BTC purchased as pool equals minimum of 250 BTC order. Rate on Blockchain at time of order execution and payment.

Contact us with any questions.

WhoTakesCoin did a fair amount of research to bring you the best ones. The recommendations below are good choices for newer and middle tier investors. Take a look at all fo them as some features of one site may fit you better than others.

  • Coinmama ETH / BTC – (WHO Choice!) Get it fast and easy. Done in minutes, but what really puts these guys in the running is that verified accounts can acquire up to $5,000 per day or $20,000 per month. These are much higher limits than most other exchanges. These guys have great support with a really strong Knowledge Base system that will answer 95% of your questions without having to wait for that support email that never seems to come. Go to the site to learn more

  • Paxful is a Bitcoin buying service offering the ability to buy Bitcoin anywhere in the world. On Paxful, you can buy bitcoin with fiat or with other digital currencies. They make it really easy to buy or sell. You can also become an affiliate if you want to earn some extra cash on the side. Visit the link to find out more.

  • Coinbase ETH / BTC – A good choice. Super simple to use. This used to be a place where you could only by Bitcoin and nothing else. Now they have a really well rounded choice of coins you can buy. Also, they have a good platform for setting up automatic purchases. Coinbase is a good choice and they offer merchant services as well. Stop by Coinbase to learn more…

  • CEX.IO – Last but not least, CEX.IO is a European exchange offering a full line of services to the client. Still simple to use, but their are a few more steps. They offer solid customer support and have more of a traditional exchange feel since they offer more than btc and eth for sale. They are also a little more expensive than either Coinmama or Coinbase. That coupled with the fact that CEX.IO is located in Europe typically makes the other two a better choice, but plenty of people love the CEX platform. Learn more at CEX.IO

    Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO


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