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WHO Blockchain Development, Web Development and App Development Service Pricing

When you think of development, you probably think web development or app development since these are two of the most populated categories. In reality, Development is a broad spectrum term covering an entire field of different technologies, platforms and goals. Maybe you are updating your website and adding functionality, maybe you are rebuilding it or maybe you are not sure the best way to approach it. WhoTakesCoin has you covered.

Other examples of development include Blockchain Development or Database intensive development. Whatever you need, we have experts on staff or on call that can help. From building coins and wallets to integrating blockchain and creating more prototypical software. And while there is some development that is boilerplate such as the creation of a basic website, we understand that most development is partially or entirely custom. No matter your needs, we will be with you through the entire process from business requirements, to scope definition all the way through deployment and testing. All you have to do is let us know what you need.

What could be more important than that? How many development companies out there can you say work diligently to save you money? Creating software can get really expensive. We help you define areas that you may not really need or where you can leverage other options aside from custom development. We are more than your Blockchain Development, Web Development and App Development Service Provider. We are your Software Development Partner. Contact us with questions or comments.

WhoTakesCoin Website Development

Here is what the other development companies don't tell you. Unless you have specific functionality requirements, you probably don't need a custom website. WhoTakesCoin offers the following starter packages that provide 90% of the functionality you will need. This way, you can get started and figure out what is important to you as you grow and experience.

When you are ready for a custom website, be prepared to spend anywhere from $1,000 for a basic site plus domain and hosting to $10,000 or even more depending on what you need the site to do. Our custom website development starts out at $950. We are happy to explore your business needs and provide you with an estimate at no cost.

For package pricing, hosting is included in the following plans so all you will need is a domain. You can find one on your own and point it to our nameservers or we can help you find one and manage it for you.

WhoTakesCoin Development Process

Software development for any purpose can be an expensive undertaking. With large development companies charging in the range of $150 to $400 per hour depending on the technology, costs can add up quickly. Smaller botique development agencies are more affordable, but it is often difficult to marry their technology with your requirements. Add to this the fact that software development is often a very inefficient process with a great deal of loss in the translation, what do you do?

The answer is simple, you reach out to us and we carry the ball from there so you can get back to doing what you do best. Our process is simple, if you do the work up front, you save in the end. Measure three times and cut once. Here is how we do it at WhoTakesCoin:

  • Our experienced business team will examine your requirements on the first pass. Believe it or not, many software development agencies don't get this part correct. This is why you hear about nightmares with cost overruns and rework of the product. Many agencies simply "write code" and often don't have a business basis for understanding the objective. We make sure we get it right.
  • Once our team is clear about the objective, our business team will hand off the requirements to the software team who will line item each segment of functionality. The disconnect is almost always in the translation of business requirements to software development. This is why we spend extra time on this step. We work diligently to identify any holes you may have in your requirements. After all, we are your development partner.
  • Once we have clearly identified the product, what it is supposed to do and how it is supposed to do it, we will generate a quote and secure your commitment. When we are both on the same page and ready to get started, you will receive a detailed scope document clearly outlining what you are getting. Any discrepancies will be identified and dealt with up front to avoid "scope creep". Additionally, we identify timelines and delivery milestones.
  • This is when the magic happens. We get to work and keep you updated along the way. As we said, you are our partner so we don't wait to show you the finished product. We include you in releases and testing so you know exactly where we are and how your product is coming along.
  • The last step in the process is delivery. We will test, review and train as agreed. We are happy when you are happy.
Note that the quote process can be done as quickly as you need. If you need something "now", we are here to deliver. Just let us know.

Development Pricing by Application

Get the best of both worlds. Large software development companies charge $150 to $400 per hour depending on the technology or application. Smaller, niche development agencies are often less expensive ranging from $75 to $150 per hour, but many times lack the resources to cover all technologies and lack the business experience to properly define requirements. WhoTakesCoin ranges from $25 to $150 per hour and has the business expertise to properly define your requirements so you "get what you ordered".

How can we do this? Remember, we are a technology company first and foremost with staff and partners around the world. We can provide you with the best service and competitive pricing without question. WhoTakesCoin is not a discount development agency. Our emphasis and our goal is to provide a premium service and product with superior quality. The good news? While we are not a discount agency, our competitive pricing model often results in the most affordable solution.


WhoTakesCoin Small Boutique Large Agency
Web Development: Front-end $50 per hr $50-$75 per hr $150-$250 per hr
Web Development: Back-end $50-100 per hr $75-$150 per hr $250-$400 per hr
Mobile Application $50-100 per hr $75-$150 per hr $300-$400 per hr
Blockchain Development $100-$150 per hr $150-$200 per hr $300-$400 per hr
API Development $50-100 per hr $75-$150 per hr $250-$400 per hr
Desktop Application $50 per hr $50-$75 per hr $150-$250 per hr
Specific Languages $50-100 per hr $75-$150 per hr $250-$400 per hr

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There is no way to provide a reasonably accurate cost estimate by application since there are so many variables involved. Technology, platform, features, requirements and too many others to count. What we can do however, is to give you at least a picture of what you may spend for any type of application. Software development is a significant investment and we feel it is important for you to have as many facts as possible.

Average Cost per Application

WhoTakesCoin Small Boutique Large Agency
Website Basic*
(including add-ons)
$200 $550 $1,500
Website e-Commerce*
(including add-ons)
$450 $1,100 $3,000
Website Custom* $2,300 $3,900 $9,000
Mobile Application* $13,500 $19,000 $58,000
Blockchain Development* $28,000 $42,000 $105,000
API Development* $14,900 $19,000 $46,000
Desktop Application** $75,000-$193,000 $88,000-$242,000 $250,000-$1M

* Averages do not include post development costs including hosting, data storage, etc.
** Complexities, technologies and platforms make it nearly impossible to accurately reflect averages. These figures are primarily for comparison only.

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How Do We Know?

Countless hours of research, feedback and thousands of data points were used in calculating the cost of development. Sources range from other technology providers, technology referrers and our own data.

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