Advanced Search

One of the primary features of WhoTakesCoin is our powerful search algorithms that allow you to search many different ways to get the exact results that you want. Please select the type of search you are looking for below. Each is listed with a brief description.

Search Business & Event Listings

Search for business (place) and event listings by selecting the type of search you want to perform in the dropdown and then drill down using the search term you are looking for in the "Search for" field. If you are looking for geographical proximity, simply add a location in the "Near Me" field.

Categories – Here you will find a complete list of categories you can search through. When you find the category you are looking for, simply click on the category and it will take you to a complete list of businesses and service providers who have entered their business under that category. If you see we are missing a category that you need, please contact us to recommend that category.

Category Map – Want to search through listings visually? This search is useful if you want to find products or services in a particular country, city or even in your neighborhood. Vendors are encouraged, even if they are online only, to put their relevant geographical location to provide you with more search alternatives. Just remember that this is a voluntary category.

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