First of all, the best source of data on all the merchants and vendors where you can spend your bitcoin is We might be a little biased but we are working to put together the best bitcoin merchant directory on the planet. For everything bitcoin including information on bitcoins, bitcoin merchant directory, bitcoin classifieds, how you can spend bitcoin (spendcoin), who takes bitcoin (whotakescoin) and even where you can buy bitcoin (buy bitcoins), is the resource for you.

Please visit the whotakescoin WTC home page to get started. The search bar in the orange section of the top of the page is a very powerful search tool that will allow you to find vendors and merchants in the Bitcoin Merchant Directory who take bitcoin and help you find where you can spend your bitcoin.

The left keyword search box is the heart of our Bitcoin Directory search engine. In this text box put anything you want to find including item name, city, country or any combination. It is a full-text search function which means it will match all the words you put in. For example, I want to spend coins buying a book about Bitcoins from a vendor in London. All I need to do is enter Bitcoin Books London in the search box and all relevant returns will be listed below. You can search on any term or any location for merchants who take coin or where you can buy with bitcoin, buy bitcoin, shop with bitcoin or spend coins any way you like.

If you get too many results, then simply move to the dark grey drop down just to the right of the keyword search box and click. Here you can find all bitcoin merchants or you can narrow down your bitcoin merchant search to those bitcoin vendors who have an online presence only, who have a physical bitcoin store where you can spend bitcoins or who have both and you can buy with bitcoin online, offline or both. Additionally, if you are looking for a specific bitcoin merchant website, select the Search Websites box and you can hunt for bitcoin merhant sites by website name or url.

If you are looking for a specific bitcoin category, simply move to the farthest searchbox on the right and you will see a bitcoin business category. Enter a category for your bitcoin merchant search, hit the blue search icon and you will see all available bitcoin merchant listings for that category.

What makes the search function so powerful? All the search components were designed to work together to find you places where you can buy with bitcoin or they can work independently of each other. For example, you want to find that bitcoin merchant who sells books about Bitcoins only from a physical store located in London. All you do is enter Bitcoin London in the search bar, select Physical Only from the Keyword dropdown, select books from the Category dropdown and hit the blue search icon. All bitcoin merchants fitting that criteria will be returned in the search results and you can select each bitcoin merchant to find the phone, address and directions, visit their website and even find reviews and ratings from other bitcoin shoppers who have used that bitcoin merchant before.

If that is not enough, we have put in an Advanced Search tool so you can really drill down on finding ways to buy with bitcoin. Remember, these are bitcoin merchants across the globe so we made it really easy to hunt and choose the bitcoin merchant you want to find. Simply click on the Advanced Search link and you will be transported to a page where you can enter as much or as little criteria as you want to find the bitcoin merchant you are looking for.

Don’t forget to check out some of our other features including bitcoin merchant ratings and reviews, free bitcoin merchant listing, free bitcoin classifieds, bitcoin merchant advertising including banners and featured listings and a data rich selection of bitcoin merchants around the world who take bitcoin and welcome those who want to spend bitcoins. Buy with Bitcoin – Buy with confidence!


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