Getting Started

The first thing you need to ask is what part of the directory do you want your business or service listed in?

Check the list of Categories to for more information as to what is in each

  • Choose Blockchain if your listing is directly linked to a Crypto Currenty/Coin/Token if you want to provide information about a specific currency BTC or ETH
  • Chose Merchandise - if your business sells products (like ebay store or a regular brick and mortar shop)
  • Chose Services - If you offer a Service (like cleaning or piano lessons)

In case we didn't make it clear. It is really important that you pick the right category the first time. If you have furniture for sale and you put it in the Blockchain Category, it my not be approved.   If you have any questions, please contact us


This category is everything to do with blockchain / Crypto Currency projects - from Coin Information, development to mining Products or Masternode Hosting Services. This is mainly to provide details of each currency, Max Supply, Algo, Website links etc. If it is specific to blockchain, then you will find it here.


Does your business sell Products? i.e clothing, Cell phones Jewelry, Electrical Goods - this is the category you need for any products.


All Vehicles including cars, boats, airplanes and all the accessories that go with them.

Real Estate

Residential and Commercial Properties for sale or lease. Search by location, by price or by any property features. We plan on expanding our real estate listing section significantly. If you take coin for your real estate listing, then here is the place to list it including all of the services that go along with listing real estate for rent or purchase.


Dance lessons to Decorators, Accounting to Insurance services - if you accept Crypto Currency as payment this is the place to advertise. So no matter what service you offer, here is where you want to list it.

Travel & Entertainment

This category is everything, everywhere for travel and entertainment including transportation (e.g. Taxi) & Accommodation (bed & breakfast).
Entertainment is anything you like to do with a special section for restaurants where you can search by location, food type and lots of other search parameters.

Job's / Contracts

Have a specialist job or need a contractor and want to pay in cryptocurrency then advertise here
Post online / offline by location, job type or all of the above. Need to post a resume? We have you covered.

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