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Let's get started! The first thing you need to ask is what part of the directory do you want your business listed in? Do you sell "stuff" or do you do things for people? Are you in a special category like Blockchain, Motor Vehicles, Real Estate, Entertainment or Travel?

The most important aspect of being found in a directory with a lot of listings is to make sure you are in the right category. We have six headings or "Primary Categories" that you can start with. This number will probably expand as we continue to grow, but we want to keep it as small as possible. Think about it this way, if you have a product to sell, it goes in Merchandise. If you offer a Service, it goes in Services. If you do something in the Blockchain space (directly related to coin), then you go here. Blockchain is ONLY for blockchain products and services.

Why? The fewer selections the person searching has to make, the easier it is to find you. Our motto is to keep it simple.

Below are the seven Primary Categories of business, events and job listings that we provide. If absolutely none of these fits, you can recommend another Primary Category. Just understand that there will need to be a lot of like requests and even then we will most likely not approve it. Either way, we will let you know.


It is really important that you pick the right category the first time. If you have furniture for sale and you put it in the Blockchain Category, it will not be approved. Also, because we cannot migrate from one primary category to the other, we can't move that listing so it will have to be re-entered. If you have any questions, please contact us before you submit your listing.

Add Blockchain Listing

This category is everything to do with blockchain including services and products, from development to mining. If it is related to blockchain, then you will find it here. This is considered a Super Category since everything to do with blockchain is specific and is more easily found under one category, rather than being spread out across multiple categories.

Add Merchandise Listing

Unlike most sites, we don't advertise only sites who take our coin. We give our customers any and every business who takes coin and lists with us. This category is for products only. Services go in the Service Category.

Add Motor Vehicle Listings

Motor Vehicles including cars, boats, airplanes and all the accessories that go with them.

Add Real Estate Listings

Residential and Commercial Properties for sale or lease. Search by location, by price or by any property features. We plan on expanding our real estate listing section significantly. If you take coin for your real estate listing, then here is the place to list it including all of the services that go along with listing real estate for rent or purchase.

Add Services Listing

When you need anything under the sun done for coin, WhoTakesCoin is the place to find it. So no matter what service you offer for coin, here is where you want to list it.

Add Travel & Entertainment Listings

This category is everything, everywhere for travel listings and entertainment listings. Travel includes transportation, lodging and services. Entertainment is anything you like to do with a special section for restaurants where you can search by location, food type and lots of other search parameters.

Add Job Listings

Have a job you want to post? Post online / offline by location, job type or all of the above. Need to post a resume? We have you covered.

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