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Today we are going to do an update on the BNBBTC trade. I have done a surprisingly VERY accurate TA on it and I am going continue following it!

I entered the trade on BNBBTC when it was at 210k sats and left it at 260k sats. Then, I had buy order in at 215k for a pretty long time and today it hit 2157.. So the order did not get filled. Nevertheless, I am very confident that BNBBTC will continue dropping to 200k sats.

Here how I shared my TA almost month ago ->

BNB BTC 07.06.2018.png

Do you see the ghost chart I added according to historical data?
Here how BNBBTC looks like right now ->

BNBBTC 02.07-2018 4 hourly.png

It is following the lines almost perfectly! If you ask me how I knew about the big red resistance, this is the little magic you learn over time and trading a coin constantly 😉

Nevertheless, lets continue with the current situation and what will happen next.
I still see the 200k sats incoming since BNBBTC is still not at the bottom of the previous wedge and looking at the RSI we see that it likes to come back down to 20 points and from there on form a double bottom and then start its rocket launch.

Lets take a look at the daily chart to check the findings ->

BNB BTC 02.07.2018 Daily.png

The chart still looks the same and the lines are respected and followed. Also the RSI is decreasing towards the 40 point line from where we have seen pretty nice gains.

Right now its daily RSI is still at 46 points and looking at the chart it is still looking bearish.

Therefore I have just adjusted my not filled trade to 75% at 210.5k sats and 25% at 205k sats. Even though I am pretty sure that on a lucky day you could pick up BNBBTC at 200k sats but I am fine with how it is, especially after the buy oder not filling by a few sats today..
From there on I will sell BNBBTC at 230k sats and re-entering at 215k-210k sats and from there on waiting for the humungous gains.

Make sure to check it out on Tradingview – https://www.tradingview.com/u/jegerche/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bitcoin25.de/
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